Intelligent Hedge Fund Investing
Successfully Avoiding Pitfalls through Better Risk Evaluation
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Welcome to the website for IHFI. This site provides detailed information about the book, excerpts, known errata, and links to related material. Contact the editor, Barry Schachter, if you have questions, suggestions or feedback.

  • Presents cutting-edge research on hedge funds with broad coverage of investing, risk management and portfolio allocation and in-depth analysis on a variety of topics including VaR estimation, illiquidity and dynamic investment strategies
  • Explores important differences between approaches to hedge funds and standard investment choices
  • Gain a practical insight into the proper analytical tools for evaluating hedge fund investments in order to reach better decisions both in managing the risk of these investments and in allocating the risk among alternatives
  • Accurately compare and measure the pros and cons of various risk management strategies so that you can assess whether or not to follow a particular strategy
  • Enables hedge fund investors to adequately measure and weigh risk against benefits in order to optimise their asset allocations to hedge funds
  • Technical material is presented in appendices and explained in detail in the text, making the title ideal for readers with only moderate technical knowledge


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"How exciting to read a book that is so timely and practical"
Tanya Styblo Beder, CEO, Tribeca Investments

Publisher: Risk Books
Hardcover: 470 pages
ISBN: 19044339220

Editor: Barry Schachter
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